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In the June 15 issue of eflyer, we told readers about Silversea’s unveiling of eight new signature restaurants aboard its newest ship, Silver Nova. We asked: Do you plan to stay aboard Silversea Cruises’ Silver Nova? Which restaurant are you most excited to experience? Two readers wrote in: I have been patiently waiting to hear news of Silversea’s newest ship and its features. Restaurants play an important role for me when deciding not only which cruise line to choose but also which itinerary within that cruise line. Silversea’s unveiling of the not one or two but eight new restaurants sealed the deal for me, and I fully plan on sailing aboard Silver Nova soon. SIMON YORK, VIA EMAIL I have sailed with Silversea before and wanted to book another cruise ever since my last one ended! With the recent announcement of Silver Nova’s eight restaurants, I am most excited to dine at Kaiseki, the Japanese restaurant with less seating than some of the other restaurants, providing a more intimate dining experience. That being said, I also anticipate making a visit to La Dame, as I have a weakness for delicious French cuisine. TINA WHITMORE, VIA EMAIL Some of the best cruise dishes I have ever tasted came from my time spent aboard Silversea Cruises, and the eight new restaurants on Silver Nova will surely blow me away. I plan to dine at all of the eight new restaurants but am particularly eager to try The Marquee and La Dame. BRENDON CLAY, VIA EMAIL