Ship to Shore

Take along these handy tools to enhance your cruising experience.




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HIGHTIDE STORE DTLA NÄHE ELECTRONICS ORGANIZER Avoid the dreaded cable spaghetti with this stylish electronics organizer, offering a plethora of pockets to keep gadgets and accessories protected and accessible. Available in three sizes and a range of colors, the hard-shell zipper case is shock-resistant, lightweight and durable. Once you’ve traveled with one of these, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted time fishing around for that lost charging cable at the bottom of your bag. From $30. JOBY GRIPTIGHT PRO 2 GORILLAPOD A tripod is a wonderfully useful accessory on a cruise, allowing you to take better photos and videos, watch films or series hands-free, or stay in touch with family and friends via video calls without holding the phone. This flexible version from JOBY makes the humble tripod even more versatile, as its legs can wrap around any object. Compatible with every common phone brand, the Gorillapod can also mount accessories such as microphones and lights for even more professional results. $89.95. HAWKE ENDURANCE ED MARINE 7X32 BINOCULARS A pair of good binoculars will provide a new aspect to any cruise, allowing you to see more in port and spot other ships out at sea. This award-winning model from Hawke Sport Optics is adapted for use on ships, with a wide field of view, an IP67 waterproof rating and a protective storage case. Quality optics make for a bright image even in low light, and a slightly lower magnification than other binoculars gives a steadier view. $299. SUPERDANNY USB POWER STRIP WITH 2 AC OUTLETS AND 4 USB PORTS Cruise cabins simply don’t have enough sockets for the number of devices many travelers take with them, but power strips with surge protectors are banned on ships due to the fire risks. The SUPERDANNY USB Power Strip is cruise-compliant, boasting two AC plug sockets and four USB slots in a travel-friendly package measuring just 4.29 by 1.69 inches, so you’ll be able to keep all of your devices charged without stress. The company also makes larger models for those traveling in a group. $14.99.