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Galataport İstanbul delivers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors.




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As the new Galataport İstanbul transforms the historical city harbor into a world-class cruise port, it also creates a robust tourist destination. The port opens the promenade to public use for the first time in almost two centuries while still offering a healthy and safe environment for culture, arts, shopping and dining. The transformation of the coastline of Karaköy makes it one of the best promenades in the city. Galataport stands apart from other cruise destinations as the world’s first underground cruise port terminal. The terminal’s hatch system, the first of its kind, separates the customs and security areas when ships are in port, creating a temporary customs area and keeping the promenade open to the public. The underground terminal ensures a comfortable and safe travel experience for both cruise passengers and crews. The new structure, much larger than the previous one, offers the latest technologies and includes an underground parking space for about 2,400 cars. The terminal design meets the needs and expectations of every type and class of cruise ship as well as every type of passenger. As the entry and exit point for travelers visiting the country, its terminal leaves a lasting impression, following a modern approach that reflects the historical value of the port as well as the culture of the surrounding districts, including Karaköy and Beyoğlu. The concept is based on ancient cisterns, specifically those of the Roman and Byzantine empires. While in İstanbul, travelers can visit historical landmarks such as Basilica Cistern and Cistern of Philoxenos. In addition to creating a world-class cruise ship port, the revitalized waterfront neighborhood will feature stores for travelers to browse, delicious dining, and cultural and arts experiences, as well as the new, 176-room The Peninsula Istanbul. Given The Peninsula brand’s excellent service, luxury, comfort and its loyal clientele, its first property in Türkiye will surely boost the value of Galataport İstanbul. While docked at port, make sure to take advantage of all the historical and cultural experiences of this fascinating city.