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In our September 2022 issue we asked: Is a cruise in your future travel plans? What destinations would you recommend, and what regions would you sail to that you haven’t yet explored? A few readers wrote in: My husband and I are looking at domestic cruises that sail through some of the country’s best rivers. We found that, while we are always keen to leave the country and explore new places, there’s so much of the United States we have yet to experience! My friends went on an American Queen Voyages trip a few years back and had nothing but positive feedback. They went up the Mississippi River and were amazed at how different everything looks from the river. I would love to book an American Queen Voyages cruise on the Mississippi, Illinois or Ohio rivers, or even try one of the cruise line’s Great Lakes trips. I have always wanted to venture onto Lake Michigan. I visited the Great Lakes as a child but never actually journeyed by boat onto these vast bodies of water. It would fulfill a childhood dream to cruise these lakes. FATIMA HOOK, VIA EMAIL