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You’ll find a facility for every size and setup in Vegas. Besides Las Vegas Convention Center, offering nearly 3 million square feet of meeting space, most large hotels in the city have their own event facilities, including the next two largest at Mandalay Bay (2.1 million square feet) and The Venetian Expo (1.7 million square feet). More than 20 other hotels and event centers have at least 100,000 square feet available for hosting conferences. Another 571,000 square feet of meeting space and another 4,254 hotel rooms are slated to join the existing inventory in 2023. One major attraction started taking shape at the beginning of this decade and will open in 2023: MSG Las Vegas Sphere. This groundbreaking “multisensory platform” features a giant sphere with seating inside, with a sure-todazzle show projected onto the walls. The massive structure, situated behind The Venetian, is the world’s tallest spherical structure at more than 350 feet high and 500 feet wide. With 164,000 speakers and a capacity of 20,000 seats that all can be programmed to enhance the tactile experience, this venue will offer something unique to this entertainment capital and is expected to host sporting events, concerts, corporate events, product launches, award shows, films and more. msgsphere.com